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    The Clarity a Nemesis can bring was inspired by something we have all experienced at one time or another “The Nemesis” AKA “that pain in the butt”. Using a cast of characters from a land I call Troublesomehollow I am able to use dark humor and candy colors to unite these creatures in a world where the worst nemesis is the human race. In some of the paintings a looming UFO is removing the humans from the equation and the animals are able to find new ways to interact with one another. While they are still skeptical that anything has truly changed there is an effort to work together and rise above.  They have access to all the things they really knew how to use all along like matches to light candles and cigarettes, jell-o molds, and the candy and freezer section at the convenience store. 

    Inspired by the works of Charles Addams, Gahan Wilson, Edward Gorey, and Berkley Breathed I have always special place in my heart for macabre, dark humor as well as things that are cute as fu*k and made out of candy colors!  A spoonful of sugar if you will…. 

    When I was little I used to love going to the Sugar Bowl and seeing Bil Keane’s cartoons on the wall and while I am not a huge fan of The Family Circus I LOVED that he lived in Arizona and that made him a total and complete hero.  

    When the opportunity came up to have my first solo show since 2008 here at Nami I was SO excited!  I couldn’t help but think of what it was like to be a little kid eating an ice cream cone and surrounded by pink and white stripes and cartoons. Could anything be more perfect?

    This show is an amalgam of all of these things and more. The desire to prove a nay sayer wrong, the desire to rise above someone who has ever hurt your feelings or maybe just understand why they are a pain in the butt. All this and the hope that some little kid will stare into the blank eyes of my fox and his plate of Cheetos and make up their own wonderful and amazing story that is better than anything I could EVER imagine. 

    Born and raised in Phoenix I have been drawing and painting pretty much since birth but began showing my work professionally in 1995 at Art One Gallery in Scottsdale. My usual style of painting is very photorealistic and I have had shows in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Cologne, Germany. I am member of the International Guild of Realism, a past member of Oil Painters of America and I have taught classes at the Scottsdale Artists School. I currently represent myself and not affiliated with any one gallery but I continue to participate in group shows and am a regular contributor to the annual Contemporary Forum auction at the Phoenix Art Museum. 

    I was awarded a spot as part of the 7th ave. Streetscape project a few years ago and am proud that that piece will soon be installed permanently in the Tempe Green during the remodel if they ever call us back! ;)

    Most recently I was commissioned to do the cover art for local band Andrew Jackson Jihad’s album “Christmas Island” as well as an upcoming 7” to be released soon, and am scheduled to give a talk to members of the Contemporary Forum mid October.

    My true muse is my dog Starflash who is loved by many and was once awarded “best downtown dog”.  If you met her you would love her too! 

    I hope you enjoy this show! If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces or would like to discuss a commission please contact me at suzannefalk@gmail.com 

    To see my other work my website is suzannefalk.com 

    you can also find me on instagram/facebook/tumblr as suzanne meow meow falk

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    "Whenever I’m alone with you" 5"x5" oil/canvas 2014 @suzannemeowmeowfalk ✨SOLD✨ my show opens tomorrow @namivegansweets and I just had my first pre-sale! Yay! So grateful! Hope you can make it down to see the other 10 new pieces I gave up. The show is officially hung so early birds with a sweet tooth can swing by! I’ll be there tomorrow from 5:30-9 thanks to @sprawlrmag and @greendamon you are the best! Xo #suzannefalk #meowmeowfalk #ouija #orbs #skull #ghosts #nami

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    "emergency reprogramming of the entire universe"

    14”x18” oil/canvas

    ©2014 suzanne mm falk


    suzanne meow meow falk - facebook

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    A clockwork 🔵.

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    Do you dream in color? ⚫️⚪️

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    The Young Ones!

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